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harmony through health

At Summerside Farms, one of our philosophies is "minimal interference". To us, this means that we trust nature's way. We trust the intuition and ability of our animals, we trust the power of bodies to work WITH healing processes, and we trust the healing aids created by nature.

Modernized farming all too often negates these harmonies found in nature through harmful drugs that kill more than just the "problem". While we love our clients and our followers, our loyalties are to our animals and the land they live on. Our animals are more than profit-producers. They are beloved family members as well as creatures that deserve to be understood and respected. 

We ensure our animals are properly provided for with enough room to move freely, high quality food to eat, and healing ways to prevent and cure illness without causing more harm. We want our interference between our animals and their natural environment to be...minimal! 

Check our blog for more specific information on our beliefs and practices, or send us an email.


Our Philosophy: Our Farm
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