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Hi neighbor! We are Jared and Jessica, the owners of Summerside Farms LLC. It has been a lifelong journey of learning and growth that finally culminated in February 2019 when we officially created our LLC and jumped in full time into the farming world. 

Jared has been around farm animals his entire life, has worked as a professional horse trainer, and has developed philosophies of animal training and care through years of practical application, including developing his own herd of bison and raising rare animals such as rheas and emus. Outside of farming, Jared is a talented carpenter and builder who loves creating traditional designs. He is currently doing custom timber-framing in the Ozarks region.

Send us an inquiry if you’d like a beautiful, unique, and customizable farm structure such as a barn, dog house, or coop.

Jessica's passion has always been dogs. She has trained and raised dogs her entire life and wrote in her second grade journal about someday owning a collie named Caledonia, that would be called Cal. That dream became a reality when Jessica got her first Scotch Collie, in March 2019, named (of course) Caledonia. During that search, she discovered the Scotch Collie as a landrace breed that was gaining some traction due to the efforts of dedicated breeders who worked hard to keep these special dogs from disappearing. These dogs have become a source of joy for the entire family, as each new litter is anxiously awaited. Outside of farming, Jessica is a professional photographer who loves capturing the beauty of nature and the joy of human interaction. 

Our family spends time at each various farm location, ensuring the health and care of our animals and the land, but the majority of our time is spent in Seymour, Missouri. We have three young farmhands- Norah, Barrett, and Jonathan.

We are passionate about traditional skills, time-tested knowledge, rich community, and helping others gain independence by connecting on a deeper level with the land around them. We offer farm consultations on site, in-person classes and education. Please inquire if there’s anything you want to know.

Thank you for being here- subscribe, and be a part of our Summerside community!

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