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Heritage Breeds // The Root of Purpose PART 3

In 2015, I parked my car on the California coast. I lived in beautiful Pacific Grove, CA and spent almost every day at the ocean. I’ll forever be grateful for the time spent walking the coast and getting to know the ocean. This particular day, I was seeking an answer – which I received. There was a beautiful promise over my life regarding my future heritage, but I had made a few mistakes and worried it was compromised. The answer I received was that it was still there, becaus

Heritage Breeds // The Root of Purpose PART 1

There’s a handful of fast-food restaurants we all know. They’re in thousands of cities in the states, and often found internationally. Before these restaurants existed, there were local places to eat that were customized by their location. Short supply chains, local knowledge of cooking traditions implemented by local cooks, seasonal ingredients…I’ll stop before I make my pregnant self too hungry. Doesn’t that sound so much better than the chains of fast food, though? And…REA

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