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I know it was challenging. There were rough patches, and I'm writing this blog post in the MIDDLE of a rough patch. Things are kind of stuck, I have a few really important things that the details of which remain unknown, I wish we could move about 5 of our projects ahead to get them finished, and we have a lot of obligations that won't take care of themselves :)

But I am constantly reminded to remember the good things and focus on what IS going right.

This year had so many highlights, we can hardly count them all!

+ Jared and I were married in March of this year and it was such an exciting time. Our honeymoon was cut a little short with all the unknowns presented by Covid, but we had a fun time regardless!

+ We were able to deliver 3 miniature cows to Louisiana in our skoolie, and experience some true southern hospitality while having an awesome adventure.

+ We had 3 new miniature donkeys born on our farm bringing endless fun and cuteness! They keep us busy and entertained all the time.

+ We had our first litter of Old Time Scotch Collies. We fell in love with each one of our 8 pups and were able to meet some amazing new owners. Handing the puppies to their new families was one of the best feelings in the world! They are all thriving in their new homes all over the country.

+ We are expecting our new baby boy in just a few short weeks! Life is always changing

& I'm not sure how, but the best people in the world keep showing up as our clients.

Whether you supported us through purchasing one of our amazing animals, followed our journey and engaged with us along the way, or are jumping on for future purchases...we are SO glad that you are here and can't wait to see where this journey takes us.

2021 will be a big year. We're ready!

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