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Belfonte, Belafonte...Dairy and Cool Songs

A few times I've seen an animal and known it was for me. It's a rather neat experience. If you know what I mean, I'd love to hear about it in the comments.

One such time was when I saw a photo of King Cole, our Scotch Collie. KC has since found a new home - we love him, just decided he needed a few things that were better suited for him at this new home. Alongside this, we decided to refine our breeding program- the details of which I will share in another blog post! KC's incredibly happy with lots of children to love on, and doesn't live too far away :) The same thing happened with this little lowline Angus/mini Jersey heifer. When I saw her, I just knew she was special, and Jared hadn't ever seen me that excited about a he arranged her pickup and she's happily living on our farm now. Ideally we will keep her for our family milk cow, but we will see how things pan out with her being half beef/half dairy. I appealed to Facebook for recommendations regarding the perfect name for this sweet, sassy, GORGEOUS girl. I got a lot of great ideas and tried them on for size, however, despite all our considerations, the name ended up presenting itself (just like she did)... Here's what happened: I had our puppy, Aspen, out walking in the pastures with me, and the new cow came right up to us, Aspen assumed this was in an attempt to say hello. Not so. New cow bowed her head and charged Aspen. She missed...the first time. This is where the sass comes in. The second time, she bumped Aspen, who ran behind me. Thankfully it wasn't too hard!

Into my head popped the lyrics from Jump in the Line by Harry Belafonte: "And fellas, you got to watch it - When she wind up, she bottom, she go like a rocket" So I told the cow to Shake, Senora. And there was her name. She's been a total doll to all the other people and animals she's met. But her little bout with Aspen won her a title of sassy and sweet. Other parts of the lyrics fit really well, too, including the official announcement, which is:

"My girl's name is Senora, I tell you friends, I adore her" #familyfarm #summersidefarms #ozarksfarm #miniaturecattle #jumpintheline

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