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Temperament Testing and a Fun Outing

Puppies from Caledonia x King Cole's litter had an exciting outing recently. At the end of their first car ride, they got to visit the home of Pippa, their older sister from the first litter in 2020, for their Avidog temperament testing. We really wanted to offer an additional analysis on their personalities and temperaments to ensure great matches with new owners, so we will be providing the temperament testing for all future litters.

We had a series of different exercises and new situations where we observed the puppies' behavior and reactions, measuring their resilience and fear responses. It is a valuable tool that helps us recognize key areas that need addressed during training and considerations that need to be present (or absent) in the puppy's potential new homes.

As expected, the pups are very people-focused and playful. Some were more bold, and others quiet-mannered. Next up is the exciting challenge of finding perfect homes.

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