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Unexpected Blessings

Jared and I have become very comfortable with the current state we are in.

We have BIG changes coming, SO much to do, we're almost out of time and money...but we know it will all come together.

It always does.

We are so grateful for the people who step in and help us, who support us, and who are there to help when we need it most. But ultimately we wouldn't make it through without a lot of prayer!

We were already at max capacity with our cow herd, and went up to Kansas City for a wedding on November 14. When we got back to Seymour, Jared looked across the pasture and said "what is that?! It looks like a calf!" We were so surprised that our herd had grown by one more when we already had so much going on. We weren't sure if the dam was bred at all, as her previous owner had foregone a pregnancy check when we bought her, but she apparently was, and her new little addition was romping around our pasture!

It just happened to be one of those moments where you have to laugh. We shifted some plans, reprioritized some things, and had a new baby to love midst the chaos. She is also QUITE the talker, so we named her Simona, which means "loud" in Hebrew.

There are still more things on our to-do list than minutes in every day, but we are grateful for those moments that help us to slow down and bask in the joy of what we do for a living.

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