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What Did You Say?

This week in the puppy training of our 2020 Hurricane litter is all about communication!

King Cole and Caledonia's pups are almost 5 weeks old and they are learning how to navigate the canine world as well as the human world. I'm excited that they have exposure to 4 different adult dogs on our property: Mama Cali, Papa King Cole, Cali's full sister from a different litter: Bonnie, and our livestock guardian dog: Yeti.

We've also been working on socializing the pups with a variety of humans of all ages.

The initial reaction of a puppy is to jump up on the being that they are interacting with, and make it known that they are not a threat. But that behavior is only appropriate in the canine world. The pups are learning that when in the presence of a human, their initial reaction should be to sit and lend the human their attention. I'm excited to say that we've had great results already!

It's amazing how much they can learn in such a short amount of time.

I really love each and every pup, and each minute I am able to spend with them before they head home with their wonderful new families.

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