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Scotch Collies: Welcome

The Old Time Scotch Collie is a landrace breed of dog with an ever-growing fan base. In early 2019, we went on a search for a collie to add to our family. In searching, we found a certain look of collie that was unlike the common rough collie. With a tighter coat, blunter nose, and more agile conformation, we finally realized that what we were on the search for was called an Old Time Scotch Collie. 

Since we took Caledonia home in March 2019, we have grown in understanding of the breed and have developed a greater appreciation for their special qualities. 

In late 2020, we had our first litter of puppies and were overjoyed to see the goals of our breeding ideals come to life! 

We had no desire to breed unless we really felt we could bring something of value to the future of the breed, and to their owners. 

The happiness of our puppy owners and the joy from rearing the pups has fulfilled us beyond explanation. 

Our puppies improve the breed by exhibiting top quality health, desirable conformation, excellent temperament, and balance between family pet and helpful farm hands. 

Please reach out with any questions regarding owning one of our incredible puppy companions.

Scotch Collies: Mission


Please Read Before Filling Out Application

1……. General Overview/ Dam & Sire Information

2……. Training/Rearing, Health, and General Canine Development Practices

3……. Puppy Application and Owner Information

4……. Payment Details and Information

MEET OUR OLD TIME SCOTCH COLLIES! More details and descriptions can be found on under each dog’s registry name/number:



Our breeding goals are as follows:

  • Dogs that thrive in either a working home, or as a family companion

  • Dogs that exhibit clear collie looks, work ability, coat length, and moderate snout length

  • Dogs that exhibit excellent health and conformation and are clear of genetic disorders/weaknesses

  • Moderately sensitive dogs who are gentle and would thrive in therapy roles

  • Standard collie colors: Sable, shaded sable, and tri-colored; we do not breed for merle or other color-factored coats

Our puppies are extremely healthy, well adjusted, and able to make a wonderful companion whether on the couch or on the farm. Each puppy will be registered with the Old Time Scotch Collie association, which will provide you with access to a network of amazing owners, trainers, and breeders.

Our main farm is located in Seymour, MO. We have 26 acres of farmland where we raise miniature cattle, miniature donkeys, emus, chickens, ducks, turkeys, Scotch collies, and horses. Our dogs are well acquainted with animals of all sizes and ages and have a healthy respect for them all, from the smallest ducklings and kittens to the tallest horses. They learn how to be gentle, brave, decisive, and solution driven. It is no small task to understand how to navigate the various species on our farm, and the adult dogs have adapted to all of them wonderfully. Your puppy will have an invaluable start to life being exposed to many different sounds, sights, and experiences, and learning from the older dogs. The older dogs are on watch all night every night and each day, too! They defend our farm from coyotes, opossums, skunks, and hawks. 

  1. We take the health and immunity of our puppies very seriously at Summerside Farms. The motto of our farm is “minimal interference”. This means that we believe animals' bodies are able to heal themselves naturally with minimal human interference. They are intelligent, their bodies are amazing and they often know what they need better than humans do. This also means that we respect the land that gives us so much of what we need, and prioritize its health as well. We do not use chemicals, pesticides or drugs on our land or animals and the benefits have been incredible. Our pastures thrive, our animals are robust and hardy, and we are able to get ahead of almost every issue and act preventatively instead of doing damage control on big problems.

There is a delicate balance of when to interfere with an animal’s body’s work of healing. We offer a wide array of healthy supplementation for daily health, support when situations demanding more health-building arise, and we trust our intuition and veterinarian when serious situations occur – which, thankfully are on a rare basis!

Because we employ practices that many farms have forgotten, we have animals that are both tame/well-trained as well as very healthy/parasite resistant. Please feel free to inquire further if you have any questions regarding our specific practices.

We have a collection of remedies, and have naturally cured several issues in our dogs over the years.As part of our motto and in line with our values, we maintain the “minimal interference” practice when it comes to puppy rearing. I could fill a library by writing all of our specific practices and understandings of animal health that have been developed over years of practical experience, but this will serve as just a quick summary.

While puppies are nursing, they are receiving maternal antibodies and immunity-strengthening health benefits. Vaccinations are not the same as immunity, and are commonly given to puppies beginning at 2 weeks of age, sometimes right when their eyes are beginning to open. We prefer delayed vaccinations, if any are given. Minnesota vaccine requirements for dogs are as follows: a rabies vaccine at 16 weeks. Because we will have puppies for up to 10 weeks, we ensure they receive natural antibodies for as long as possible, as well as homeopathic and natural treatments to work with their developing immune systems. Our first litter of puppies nursed until the day the left, still receiving maternal antibodies at 8 weeks!

“When a puppy with a reasonable amount of maternal antibodies is vaccinated, the maternal antibodies will essentially inactivate the vaccine, just as it would a real virus.

As good as those maternal antibodies are, they can’t protect the puppy against the other toxins contained in vaccines such as the chemical adjuvants and preservatives which contain harmful chemicals including mercury, MSG, aluminum and formaldehyde.

The adjuvants are designed to stimulate an exaggerated immune response, to make sure that your puppy’s body responds to the small amount of virus contained in the vaccine.

Unfortunately, this heightened reaction can also cause autoimmune disorders which are affecting an alarming number of dogs and can include:​

thyroid disease

digestive diseases

joint disease

… as well as a rather long laundry list of other common health issues.”

-Dana Scott, Founder and Editor in Chief of Dogs Naturally

In conjunction with our holistic veterinarian, personal experience (some of which are unfortunate results from too much medical intervention), and lots of research, it is our practice to allow the natural maternal antibodies to work in full ability while carefully, responsibly and slowly allowing the puppies to build their immunity naturally. We supplement this natural immunity with homeopathic treatment, herbal supplementation, and healthy species-appropriate raw diets.

As the future owner, all decisions between you and your veterinarian will be the deciding factor of care for your puppy upon transfer. If you choose to vaccinate your puppy, we recommend waiting until it is 16 weeks old, as most of the dangers and negative side effects are easier to be processed by a slightly older puppy, and your state might not even require any vaccinations until then.

The state of susceptibility is dependent on four primary considerations:

-Age of the animal

-State of immune and general health

-Exposure to others

-Geographical location

These should all be considered when developing a care plan for your future pup, and these have all been considered by Summerside Farms while developing our care plan for the new puppies. We trust and respect that you will make the best decisions possible for your puppy, and we will be here to aid you in whatever capacity we can. Please, feel free to reach out with questions, we understand that most breeders are not naturally/holistically-oriented and we would like to expand on this necessarily brief summary of our practices and why we believe it to be what is best for the animal. If you are uncomfortable with naturally-reared puppies, we can suggest other breeders with whom we closely work and respect. We are confident in our practices and have seen the benefits directly. Your puppies will be stronger and more resilient through these methods.

Scotch Collies: History


We employ Early Neurological Stimulation (ENS) methods beginning at day 3 of the pup’s life, and Puppy Culture training to ensure your new puppy is ready to be as well behaved, socialized, and enriched as possible. They will be ready for their new homes 10 weeks after birth. We are open to holding until week 12, as some owners and breeders find that extra time in a familiar environment very beneficial to growth and development. Puppies are raised around livestock, other dogs, and various types and ages of people. Please let us know as soon as possible if you would like your puppy’s training and development to extend until week 12; there will be an additional $250 fee to cover the raw feeding, homeopathic treatment, and time required for additional training.

When your puppy comes home, he/she will have the following skills/socialization:

  • Comfort with riding in vehicles

  • Leash training

  • Crate association training as a place of rest/unwinding

  • Socialization with various types of dogs

  • Socialization with various types and ages of people

  • Overcoming of resource-guarding

  • Enrichment-seeking approach to fearful situations

  • Confidence

  • Sitting/manding in the presence of a human

  • Good manners with other dogs

  • Training with clicker/snap of fingers for positive reinforcement

Scotch Collies: Our Farm


Deposit due to hold puppy : $500

This deposit is fully refundable until the day puppies turn 5 weeks old, afterwards only 50% of the deposit will be refunded due to the time and resources required to market and find a different match for the puppy.

Remainder due 30 days before transfer

**Any and all payments are fully refundable in the unfortunate and unlikely event of a failed breeding or a puppy loss before transfer of ownership.

All puppies will be in good health before transfer will occur.

Payment Options:

Electronic Payment Methods:

Venmo : @summerside

Apple Pay : 816.209.0243

Non-Electronic Payment Methods:

Cash : In person, please do not mail

Personal or Cashiers Check : Made to Summerside Farms LLC

Scotch Collies: About


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Scotch Collies: Image


Scotch Collies: What's Happening
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