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As a 10 year veteran of professional dog training finding a breeder that I trusted to give me a quality working and family dog was a job of work. I knew I wanted a Scotch Collie and I was delighted to find a breeder near me who could produce the caliber of dog I required for my job as well as a friendly companion for my three young children.
Our puppy came to us bright, healthy, and delightfully socialized. The head start he got from Puppy Culture training with Jessica has made him a breeze to Housebreak and he arrived ready to curb the usual puppy behaviors that aren’t desirable.
Our vet could not find fault and I can’t wait to see how far I can take this fellow. I would recommend anyone looking for a high caliber working/family dog to look in to Summerside Farms. Jessica’s professionalism and dedication made the entire experience a joy.

Emily + Scotch Collie Wesley


We are beginning to raise chickens again. After doing some searching online we found an ad posted for a hen and her chicks.
When we arrived to choose our new chickens, we were greeted by the friendliest people with such an amazing assortment of animals imaginable! My kids started asking me if we were at Wild Animal Safari.
We chose the sweetest hen and her 6 chicks. They are already foraging and happy in our yard, and the kids have changed their names at least a dozen times.
I highly recommend this family and their farm!

Megan + Chickens


My recent experience with Jared and Jessica Gould of Summerside Farms was a “10”!
Finding my OTSC was an adventure for sure and I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. Jessica is a communicator! The initial contact brought a quick response and willingness to throughly answer the many questions that I had. From the time I officially entered into an agreement to adopt one of the expected puppies I was added to a private FB group page where Jessica posted educational information and updates. Summerside Farms are doing what they love and it shows as they invite you to come along with them in the process. Thank you Jessica for investing such passion into this litter and allowing us to feel so much a part through your excellent pictures and communication during all those weeks of waiting. My puppy is home and thriving!

Cathy + Scotch Collie Cotton

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 8.23.59 PM.png

I purchased some beautiful Lavender Orpingtons from Jessica at Summerside Farms. The chickens are doing great and we love them. Jessica and Jared have been wonderful to work with during the purchase... and afterward. We're very happy.

Knowledgeable stewards of their land, plants and animals.

Brenda + Chickens


Siri arrived not only ready to join our family but with all the health, vivacity and nurturing that has made her into the amazing companion, farm helper and protector that she is today. 
Jessica goes above and beyond expectations and remains a continuous source of valuable support. We feel so lucky to have found her!

Bridgette + Scotch Collie Siri


Huge shout out to Summerside Farms for all they put into their Old-Time Scotch Collies. When we met their dogs Cali & KC, we knew that it really is true -- OTSC are something special!! We were looking for certain things - health testing, good lines, good temperament. Beyond that, Jessica also raised the puppies with ENS & Puppy Culture - huge investment of effort for her, but now that we've brought our puppy home, I can tell it makes a real difference. Throughout the whole process, Jessica was great at answering all my questions & keeping us updated. So thankful for our new little family member!!

Beth + Scotch Collie Pippa

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