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Who’s the Belfair-est of them All?

Belfair cattle were bred to produce the high quality beef of a Dexter cow as well as the best of Jerseys, with up to 6 gallons of milk per day (that can yield a butterfat content of 5.5+ percent) all in a cute, compact size. A standard cow can be difficult to handle and eats more, so this miniature dual purpose cow is practical in many ways.

While there is some variance in appearance, a nice Belfair combines the stockiness of the Dexter (instead of the oftentimes lanky or skinny appearance of Jersey cows) with the lovely Jersey face.

The Belfair registry has produced specifications for the breed, and that information can be found here:

As stated on their website, the Belfair is 50:50 Jersey and Dexter, but the Irish Jersey or Belmont Cross is any other combination of those two breeds (25:75, etc). Sometimes the three terms are used interchangeably but there are technical differences. However, two Irish Jerseys could produce a Belfair, so they are very closely related.

If pasture is limited or you want to have cows that are easy to handle, definitely consider a Belfair. They're a great option for families with smaller children or people who are new to milking cows.

So who is the Belfairest of them all?'s gotta be Marlowe! She is too cute at 8 months old and always comes up to say hello when I water the animals.

Summerside Farms' Marlowe: Belfair heifer

We're expecting a couple more Belfair calves in summer 2024. While mid-miniatures are still considered Belfair, we use a miniature Jersey x Dexter cross that will ensure they stay miniature. Please reach out via email at if you're interested in adding one to your farm, and follow along as we work with Marlowe to become our main family milk cow.

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